10 reasons why participation is essential to learning

1) It adds interest - no lesson is fun if you simply stare out of the window!

2) It engages students - get involved, let everyone know your ideas

3) It provides the Teacher with feedback - I need to know if you are happy and understand what we are learning

4) It provides Students with feedback - I want you know the importance of the not just the topic, but you as an individual as well.

5) It can be used to promote preparation - Active Learn EFL is all about learning actively, whether getting ready in the classroom or brining resources from home, we all work together to learn together

6) Keep control of what is happening in class - Sorry, no mobiles!

7) It balances student contribution in the classroom - I like everyone to be involved in equal measure

8) Promotes dialogue between students - the best way to learn a language? To speak to eachother!

9) Develop important speaking skills - learn how to speak to others, communication is the key

10) An opportunity to practice vocabulary - there are so many things we can talk about (sports, music, TV, travel, work, school etc), let's get going!

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