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What’s a Lesson Like?

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Each lesson is tailored around you, the student. If you require say Academic English, Business English, Sports, The Arts etc, I can offer a structured lesson plan that we will work to. If you simply want general English or everyday conversation, then a more informal lesson is perfect. Your learning journey should be at your pace and centred around topics that you enjoy.

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A1 Learners 


Learners can understand basic instructions or take part in basic factual conversation on a predictable topic.  Often needs support from interlocuter.

In my A1 lessons we cover areas including:

  • Adjectives

  • Adverbs of frequency

  • Prepositions

  • Pronouns

  • 'To be'

  • Verb + ing

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A2 Learners 


Learners can express simple opinions or requirements in a familiar context.  

In my A2 lessons we cover areas including:

  • Adjectives - comparative

  • Articles with countable and uncountable nouns

  • Modals

  • Present continuous

  • Zero & 1st conditional

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B1 Learners 

Pre-intermediate/lower intermediate

Learners can express opinions on abstract/cultural matters in a limited way, or offer advice within a known area.  They can understand instructions or public announcements.

In my B1 lessons we cover areas including:

  • Broader range of intensifiers such as too, enough

  • Comparatives & superlatives

  • Future continuous

  • Phrasal verbs

  • Simple passive

  • Wh- questions in the past

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B2 Learners 

Intermediate/upper intermediate

Learners can follow or give a talk on a familiar topic, or keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics.

In my B2 lessons we cover areas including:

  • Adjectives & Adverbs

  • Mixed conditionals

  • Narrative tenses

  • Past perfect

  • Relative clauses

  • Would expressing habits, in the past

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C1 Learners 


Learners can contribute effectively to meetings and seminars within own area of work or keep up a casual conversation with a good degree of fluency, coping with abstract expressions.

In my C1 lessons we cover areas including:

  • Futures (revision)

  • Inversion with negative adverbials

  • Modals in the past

  • Passive forms, all

  • Wish/ if only regrets